Monday, April 8, 2013

Train your brain and how to keep healthy

It's the rest of the body is exercise, it's crucial to exercise the brain. Improve your brain, grow by interacting with the outside world. Lifetime, depending on the age, the length of the new nerve cells can grow a brain response. For the balance of your consistence and the muscles of the brain uses the ' lose. Simple daily brain skills.

Physical activity, including cognitive decline if you do not want to prevent the physical loss. Because them affects the life of good health mentally, physically, and I can't get enough exercise. It is in pursuit of physical activity, it is important to change. Walker or runner is also the path to see new places and learning new signs to meet new people. Your brain learns a new activity or get a new technology can be used. Forming a new relationship and a new group activity means the money involved. Enjoy the power of your brain to change, all new tasks.

A new start group activity, the benefits multiply and improve your brain power, it must be a new operation, and the result of the social brain in your group will enjoy. Responses to social exchange or conversation topic, and create a new response force. Discussion on the brain for food. Whenever you are able to find one, and participate in a discussion group. Cam's opinions heard or a new book club, their support group. And talk to the family. Man sample consultation. Your brain absorbs new ideas and active until the deal please.
Some of the reading excellence, brain activity, Scrabble, bingo, of course, a new language and learning jigusoo _ pazuru and crossword puzzle game. The feeling that it is natural to try to ease while we learn something new. It is simply your brain and learning. The only way you will acquire a lot of slowly than others if the figures. Fend off conditions.

We, our sense is that it is important to use all the time. Come ascertain appreciation and smell. These sensations to the brain and we learn how to send messages to a separate. Through the sense in a variety of ways. Salad dressing or dressed in their way and closed his eyes. According to taste, touch, move the idea that technology in your brain. New new plants and animals, especially new people every day, weather and environmental change note. How to get to know the past, imagine the current need to learn all the skills your shoes are created for this binding. She imagined movements to prove the fact of their physical health can be improved. So, you can imagine the mental health improves. Free sitting. I think.
Improve your diet. Will make a good healthy diet, a healthy mind healthy. Antioxidants, brain food, such as memory. Rest and sleep comprise equally important as diet. It is also the body is stuck in your mind. Each stimulus is himself a good diet, exercise, rest, the body will help maintain the. They care about the same thing.
Possible to relieve the stress in your life. If you have a problem taking action. Because the search for solutions. If you need help, get it. Keep your mind and your body to move. Thank you for your brain.

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