Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How the skeletal system healthy ?

Bones are part of the human anatomy. They feature and your organs, muscles help support. Your risk increases with age, as well as osteoporosis and conditions. To maintain healthy bones. Bone density helps support throughout your life. However, poor skeletal health,, you pay a steep toll later on.

Calcium: 1000-1200 mg, 1, eat. Object depends on the strength of calcium. A good dairy products such as milk, cheese, broccoli, leafy greens. This particular breakfast cereals, orange juice, calcium food improvement. In this way is called a container. Taking a calcium supplement or lactose intolerance diet calcium-rich foods is a case to consider.High vitamin d, their strength will help improve food more easily than calcium and bone absorption. Most types of vitamin D milk that is sold today, including tuna, salmon, egg yolk and oil.

They exercise. Effect of gravity on the strong bones of easily strengthens bones, especially the practice of the exercise load. Free weight and body weight hiking, jump rope, soccer, basketball, tennis, such as the Organization of the sport bearing exercises include moderate exercise. Your doctor may suggest you at least thirty minutes of physical activity per.
You must wear a helmet when you exercise. It is not a very powerful healing. Pads, helmets and mouth guards can reduce the risk of. This is when you play contact sports such as football and Rugby is especially important. Then, toothbrush, 1 line, 2. Tooth decay and similar problems that are part of the skeleton, in the development of the system of caring for it properly. And after a meal and cleaned regularly to see the dentist twice a year. Read  more.....

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