Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to open a healthy foods restaurant ?

It is important for the cashier. Cash entering the last people usually leave a reference customer restaurant, who, speaking with customers before the registers. In other words, register the familiar cash cash registers. To determine the amount of change in the ticket payment will learn how to enter the most important restaurant cash register type.

Is the correct card. Before this claim enters the correct item, the server to make sure the cashier at your food service is repeated. If you will be recording the item please enter click items, or 15 "delete" key is pressed the wrong computer software registration, screen, press "delete" to remove the keyboard.
Applying all the promotions and discounts on certain menu items. Many of the items in the combo may to type from your direct discount code for your computer is. Discounts so you know the correct code for a list of all available discounts. Part of the Fund code. For the ask for the cave and enter the discount is a "discount" button, keyboard or screen.
Any tips to add to the customer invoice. Need the leave their table chip changes of some customers. After the other guests added one tip directly or credit card receipt amount, according to the restaurant manager, added.

(For example, checks, credit cards, vouchers, debit card ) for more information about how to apply the type of payments in cash are all other payment types are important is successfully running this tool knew how to make. Different types of keyboard need to checkout and payment screen. Cost type the type of payment and the amount of free gold. Gift certificates, gift certificates, your balance. For example, bills at $ 18, $ 25 gift card and cash will receive $ 7 client.
Teaches how to make the changes. You must give proper amount of customer changes automatically back up most of the Fund. Low can change coins and paper money to give them. For example, 20 dollar bill currency was in the third quarter he was if the customer $ 20.78 3 gave the deal. Always require big bills and coins to customers is available is.Read more...

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