Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to grow quickly in your love ?


Koi fish 3 main agents that bear on the development of: genetics, environment, you bet it is provided. The tower was not quickly buy fish growth in the generation of your fish's genetic make-up cannot do much about. Unfortunately, clear Koi carp by the command of the soon tends to grow much faster than the honey. There are several ways to drop off their color in a bit much growth, and promotes the growth of the mind with the love your fish having very young when you can control the environment.

Build your Koi pond deeper. The rapid growth in heavily on the big pool and love. CARP in Japan and 3-5 giant fish grow very deep. Deep swimming pool water temperature stability can be good. Deep gold fish swimming pool, you have Captain Hicks to eight feet deep and at least 4 feet is even better. 10000 liter pond or Koi carp said suggest.
Protein eminent protein angle food consists of more than 35% in the packet above. A large amount of small fish and daily feeds at the same time, and then after a little ammonia water with spike many times. Lattes do not, promote the growth of water quality improvement.
If possible, or cleaner in most cases, invested in a good biological filtration system. This is necessary.

Heat swimming pool water temperature. The optimal temperature is eighty Fs in summertime or in winter-77 is always growing and CARP--continue to keep a pool of 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Can survive cold water, chilled water, carp, the slower the growth. At any time, by preventing temperature quick change. Live in the particularly cold weather experience heating installation.
While their system in your swimming pool. Filter systems or even their smoke during active growth. Pond oxygen organization proposition food research translates into more effective for Koy high.
Low fish pond keeping size ratio. Considerably less fish, pond, love grows better. So there is a need for your pond fish only. You have your fish grow so slowly that even the same size.Read more.....

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